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Risking Connection Programs

One Day Course.
The RICH Relationships 101 one-day course is interactive and somewhat more constrained because of time. It uses a progressive case, and meets the same objectives as the Online and 20 hour course, using different tools. Great for people who are in leadership positions, support roles, family and those who have histories of lived experience. Helps people have an experience of the Risking Connection frame of reference. View a sample guide to the content and topics presented. $2750 plus materials and travelIf interested contact us. 

20 Hour Program.
For years, the evaluations have been outstanding for this Risking Connection® Course. Effective adult learning and robust content, this course—taught in five half-days, with the other half-day offering FREE consultation in trauma-informed care and trauma-responsive systems—is for direct care providers, clinicians, and anyone else who needs deep learning in how to work with people who have experienced trauma. Accompanied by the text Risking Connection: Working with Survivors of Child Abuse and yet applicable to those working with survivors of combat, natural disaster, medical crisis, crime victimization and relational issues.Here's a course outline for this course.
$8500 plus books and travel. To plan your next training contact us today!  Some dates still available in 2016.

Foster Parent Course.
This Foster Parent course is six sessions averaging 90 minutes each (that’s about two days, and can be scheduled over the course of several days). Foster parents want to be there for the children and youth they serve—and this course helps them increase the tools in their toolkit, recognize their needs for self-care, and work with their childrens’ behavior from an eye-opening perspective. Really helps reduce the trauma of being a foster parent and can make a powerful difference for children. Contact us today for more information.

Risking Connection® Online.
Every moment is as good as the in-person experience.

Taking a 20 hour training course and compressing it to... about four hours? Well, not quite... some of that's up to you. How much you engage, what you do with it.

We know what it takes to learn Risking Connection®. So we created the master learning map. Wrote the dramatic story of a family you'll meet. Thought about what you would need to master the content. Applied the latest in educational technology. Aligned that with the learning map. Made sure it's easy, engaging, and more accessible.

The result? An exciting learning experience--here's a syllabus for this course-- that helps you master the core teachings of Risking Connection®. Want to learn trauma-informed care? Here it is. Want to master the basics (and more) of Risking Connection® on your terms? Here's your opportunity.

Of course, you might still want instructor led training. Bring us to your agency. Either way – online, in person or a combination, you win. It's learning that reduces the time, trauma and cost of healing.

Never has there been such a deal. The savings? Huge. The learning? Great. The learning supports? More than you can imagine: handouts, reusable forms, cases with feedback, individual feedback, built in natural assessments, teleconferences to support... You.

Sign up now for the online course for only $65!  More than ten people? Group discounts apply.

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